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*We install and repair all kinds of A/C window units, wall units, split units, ptac,central A/C.
*We give one year warranty for all jobs except  freon refill.
* Only $65 service calls & is free if we do the job.
* We are friedrich A/C authorized dealer.

Local Law 11 of 1998 (LL/98) mandates the periodic inspection of the exterior walls and Appurtenances of buildings greater than six stories in height.

Before Purchase/Installation

      Calculate the size of room to be cooled, so that you buy an a/c with enough capacity
      Obtain authorization for installation from building management
      Make sure that electrical service is adequate
      Make sure that the window and window frame are in good condition.
 Installation Guidelines           

      Make sure the unit is installed securely.

      Support the A/C unit from underneath or firmly fasten it from inside with angles. Metal brackets, mounting rails, etc. may be used for a safe installation.

      Supporting metal brackets, interior angles, etc. should be structurally fastened to the building envelope and are to be strong enough for the size and weight of the A/C unit.

      Objects utilized to adjust the position (for example, shims) of the A/C unit must have an independent source of fastening or attachment.

      Secure leveling objects in order to prevent movement and shifting due to vibration from the A/C unit and wind and weather conditions.

      Install the A/C so that it remains in place when the window is opened and or affix it so that the window cannot be opened accidentally.

      Tilt the unit slightly to provide water drainage; however, do not over tilt.


      DO NOT USE loose objects, such as wood blocking, to support the leveling of an A/C unit.

      DO NOT USE bricks, telephone books, gypsum board or cans for leveling under the A/C unit.

      DO NOT BLOCK fire escape windows or any other exit with an A/C unit.

      DO NOT PLACE anything (TV antennae, satellite dishes, plants, etc.) on top of an A/C unit.
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